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Music Gain

Music Gain is seeking to acquire record labels and purchase music catalogs. We are interested in talking to Record Labels or Rights holders are interested in exploring such opportunities.

What We are Looking For
We are looking to buy master recording rights in the following genres; Rock, Pop, Soul, R&B, Dance, Hip-Hop, Disco, Classical, Folk, Blues, Childrens, Country, Electronic, Jazz, Middle Eastern, Musicals, New Age, Reggae, Soundtracks, Indian, Bollywood, Chinese. But we will not discount other genres and styles however these genres are the ones we understand. Whilst we are primarily interested in recording rights we are also interested in publishing rights.

Ideal Deal
Our ideal deal size is 200-2000 master recordings. We have set of acquisition criteria which sets the framework for sale price. Our standard deal size ranges $20,000 to $300,000, although we have considered larger deals.

Company Stage
We are interested in talking to you no matter what stage your company is at. Whether it is currently profitable or maybe needs investment to regain former glory. We take an extremely long term view of the business and believe over the long term the future for the record business looks extremely good. Not all our deals are outright one-off purchases. A proven catalog track record is essential. And we will work with the original owners in a "merger" scenario. The original owners provide their know how and skill and we provide organizational and financial resource.

Don't Want To Sell?
Do you represent an established music catalog of significant size? Not keen on selling, but want someone to manage it on your behalf for a comission? If so, then we may also be interested in working together. Please contact us.